When it comes to bounce house safety, we know that there is nothing that means more to you, the parents. We’ve adopted the policy, “the best defense is a good offense,” and have taken every imaginable precaution to insure your childs safety while attending a play time or event at Bouncing Off The Wall. There is nothing that means more to us either…

To help put your mind at ease, we’d like to tell you a little bit about what we’ve done to make our facility the safest it can possibly be. First of all, we as the owners have joined an organization called SIOTO (Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization). This is a group committed to the safe operation of inflatable equipment, and requires extensive training and high standards of its members. You will see by the seals that we display, that we have been trained and certified in both the Basic (BISOC) and Advanced (AISOC) operations of inflatable equipment. Learn for yourself what these seals mean:

safety-seal-1“Operators displaying this seal have joined our organization with the commitment to train and educate themselves in the safe operation of inflatables and have accepted the SIOTO creed of Safety Always! They have begun their training process, adhered to SIOTO’s mission statement and have acquired insurance if required in your state. They are striving to make this industry as safe as possible for you, the consumer. SIOTO members continue to educate and improve themselves through our online training systems and informational exchange systems covering all aspects of the inflatable party industry. These members set themselves apart from the rest.  SIOTO Membership Verification


We require ALL of our employees who will be responsible for directly supervising children on play equipment, to become certified inflatable operators through this organization. This is not something required by the city, state, our insurance company, or anyone else for that matter, it’s just something we require of ourselves.

With regard to our employees themselves, we do a thorough criminal background check prior to employment and random drug screening at our discretion to avoid exposing your children to people with questionable integrity. Additionally, we take great care to schedule so that there is always a male and female staff member in attendance at drop off events. It is our strict policy that staff members not isolate themselves in any area with children alone. If you need further clarification on this policy, please feel free to address them with management.

Bounce House Safety

Please rest assured that our equipment is inspected EVERY single day for obvious signs of wear and tear, or mechanical defects. We will not put equipment on our jump room floor that is in need of critical repair in any way. If you ever notice that something doesn’t look right, or are concerned about anything that you see, please bring it to the attention of a jump room attendant immediately.

While we do our part with the latest innovative technologies, state of the art training and meticulous inspections, we also ask that you do your part in helping to enforce our safety rules. We do have a play room attendant on the floor watching over the children to help insure their safety, but even so, they cannot replace a parent’s watchful eye. Each child and their parent will be given a briefing of our rules before entering the jump room. They are also posted in several locations in case you need to refer to them. In addition, NO CHILD will be allowed on our equipment without a parent signing a liability waiver and acknowledgment of our safety rules first.

Another issue of safety that we feel is important in this type of “close contact” environment, is germs. So how do we protect your kids from those nasty little bugs? For starters, we require all participants to wear socks. This not only protects our equipment, but also their little feet! The less body parts that come into contact with stuff, the less germs that get spread.

Second, and the most important aspect is cleaning the equipment itself. The industry standard for cleaning inflatables is to vacuum and wipe down the surface at the end of each day (or use as an outside rental) with an all-purpose cleaner. In keeping with our high standards, we’ve taken it one step farther. We wipe the equipment and safety mats down with a commercial disinfectant made specifically for vinyl. It kills a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi including: Staph, HIV, Hepatitis, Influenza, Salmonella, Strep, EColi and Athlete’s Foot.

During cold and flu season, we take extra precautions to help slow the spread of germs. All of our toys are rotated out half way through the day and new, freshly sanitized toys are brought out. That way, kids playing in the afternoon aren’t touching all the germs of the kids who played throughout the morning. We’ve also strategically placed collection baskets around the play room for parents to place mouthed, slobbery or sneezed on toys. These toys won’t be returned to play until they’ve been thoroughly sanitized. Speaking of sanitizing, during these particularly germy times, we take great care to wipe down door handles and knobs, drinking fountains and other “hands-on” areas so that you don’t pick up unnecessary germs. Finally, we do require that guests use alcohol based hand sanitizer, or wash their hands both on the way IN and OUT of our facility. We guarantee that you won’t find a cleaner place for your kids to play, or you to hang out in town. Our cleaning process takes over 3 hours PER NIGHT!

While its not humanly possible to foresee or prevent all injuries, we can and PROMISE to try our very best and constantly strive to exceed your expectations. If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns about our bounce house safety, please do bring them to our attention.